You've always wanted to launch a successful online course to supplement or replace your therapy income but something has held you back.

Maybe it’s the fear of putting yourself out there.  That you’re an expert with knowledge that others would actually pay premium prices for.

Or maybe you’ve seen existing courses on your topic and think, "Why would someone buy my little course when [Insert A List Entrepreneur] has already sold 50 million courses AND has a way bigger following than me?"

Maybe it’s the tech.  Picking cameras, recording software, mics, course platforms...ugh...all of it feels overwhelming.

Or the marketing. How do you guide others so that they see you a trustworthy expert without coming off as spammy, desperate, or eating into your already busy schedule?

As a fellow mental health provider (licensed psychologist) who launched an online course in 2015 to a very small audience + have successfully grown it to over 275+ students and $200k in revenue, I completely understand.

I, too, battled these struggles, and honestly, they almost stopped me from launching my course.

As therapists with a clinical or coaching private practice, one of the challenges of direct service work is that 100% of the money we make is based on us being present to make that income.

As they say, we “trade time for dollars.”

My Online Course Story